Objednávka odběrových sad a analýz VariOr Dento

VariOr® Dento - DNA diagnostics of periodontitis and periimplantitis

What is VariOr® Dento?

VariOr® Dento enables detection, identification and semi-quantification of bacterial agents associated with periodontal disease in a sample of  sulkal fluid. (detailed description of the test including list of detectable pathogens)

What does VariOr® Dento offer?

Apart from confirmation of diagnosis periodontitis, the test results enable the dentist to apply the most effective (antibiotic) therapy targeted to on bacteria currently present in the particular patient and locus. Such approach minimizes repeated exposure of the pateint to negative impact of the strong antibiotic treatment. VariOr® Dento allows the periodontologist to control the direct effect of the selected therapy on the spectrum and amount of periodontal bacteria.

Using the test result together with appropriate treatment plan and co-operation of the patient, periodontitis is treatable. It was proven that preiodontitis is aasociated with a wide array of systemic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, diabetes etc. Thus, untreated periodontitis can lead (apart from loss of teeth) to serious health threats.

Who should VariOr® Dento use?

The test is primary intended mainly for parodontologists. It can be used for recognition of early stage periodontitis, confirmation of periodontal diagnosis in case of advanced or chronical stages, for estimation of the next treatment steps and control of treatment efficacy. The test is also used as a part of pres-surgery examination to prevent post-surgery complications or even implat loss. (more about the use of the test here)

The test may be performed based on patients requirement but the sampling may be done only by an expert.

Main advantages of VariOr® Dento tests:

  • detection of a wide spectrum of bacteria (7 or 11 periodontal pathogens)
  • early recognition of the aggressive forms of the disease
  • high sensitivity and specificity - probes designed in several different targets in individual bacterial genomes
  • provides data for a targeted and controled (antibiotic) therapy
  • results available in maximum of 5 work days after sample delivery

How to perform VariOr® Dento tests?

  1. The dentist/periodontologist orders the collection kit (for professional use only) for free
  2. The dentist collects the samples according to enclosed instructions and sends the samples to the laboratory
  3. The test is perfomed in the laboratory within 5 work days from sample delivery
  4. The lab report is sent to the dentist with invoice

How much does the test cost?

VariOr® Dento (7 periodontal pathogens - list of bacteria): 79 EUR
VariOr® Dento Plus (11 periodontal pathogens - list of bacteria): 113 EUR


Order of sampling sets, consultation:

Tel.: +420 608 636 119
Email: laborator@gentrend.cz

Address of the laboratory

GEN-TREND s.r.o.
Hury 149
373 71
Czech Republic



Other diagnostic products for stomatology we offer:

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VariOr® Dento was developer with financial support from the state budget of the Czech Republic through the agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The development of the product was realized in co-operation with the company Biologicals.

Odběrová sada testu VariOr Dento