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How to remove a tick

Do not use any oils or oinments that would make the tick suffocate (such treatment promotes regurgitation of the tick and hence flow of the pathogens into the wound). Treat the place o tick attachment with disinfectant, use tweezers to hold the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull or wobble the tick out. For firmly attached adult stages of ticks you can also rotate the tick to make it loose. After removal wash your hands, apply another dose of disinfetcant on the wound and follow the place of attachment for any adverse reaction.

For testing the tick for infection, place the tick in a plastic bag, close it thorougly and send it to the laboratory: GEN-TREND s.r.o., Hůry 149, 373 71, Rudolfov, Czech Republic and complete the electronic order or paper order form to be send with the sample.

Find more information here.

This video shows a correct procedure of tick removal  (MUDr. Pešina, ČT2).